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The EROTIKK experience is an ode to the power of the masculine and feminine dualities within us. Designed specifically for you.


The approach begins by making art that highlights the beauty of the human body in jewellery form and continues with the message of unique self expression, exploration and acceptance. 


A blending of arts. The the master tattooist turned to gold. 

VVS Diamond Shoe Tags

VVS diamond studded shoe tags in either solid white or yellow gold, made to fit any laces.  Only 50 pieces available. 

What Can You Expect From EROTIKK?

Lifetime Warranty - We stand behind all of our art with our EROTIKK lifetime guarantee.

Friendly Customer Service - Our team is always happy to help and aims to respond within 24 hours.

Cutting Edge Design - The latest technology blends with unique ideas to create jewellery worth decorating your body in.

A Luxury Finish - Each one of our pieces are hand polished and finished by highly skilled craftsmen using specific tools to give your new piece a smooth, detailed and luxurious look and feel.

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Shop the look

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