EROTIKK, is a brand heavily focused on artistic collaboration and self expression, led by co-owner and founder Thomas Beard. Beard drives the creative strategy with co-owner Anndrea Joiner to push EROTIKK through traditional limits that are defined by artistic medium and focuses on the truest form of collaboration - creative expression. Collaborative partnerships are a foundational aspect of the EROTIKK art house structure that targets artistic discussion, the blending of art mediums, and the translation of thoughts, ideas, dreams and sketches into jewellery that can never be replicated.

“This is such a journey, our brand evolution is synonymous with life - you think you know yourself then a year later you have a whole new perspective and the old paradigm is challenged. As we get to know ourselves better, individually and as a collective brand, we keep coming across the general theme of celebrating ‘unique self expression’.

This is why we love working with other creatives, because we recognise the greatness in others and believe that creativity has no boundaries. Merging artistic mediums and tying music or tattooing, or installation art or all forms of creativity into the realm of jewellery design.  The world is always trying to put us in a box, we celebrate people who don’t want to be apart of that." -- Thomas